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The skit, set within the Senate hearing room, begins with Kavanaugh (Damon) sitting down and angrily yelling "WHAT!" to the Senate Judiciary Panel, made up Senators Chuck Grassley (Alex Moffat), Amy Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch), Thom Tillis (Mikey Day), Diane Feinstein (Cecily Strong), Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), Cory Booker (Chris Redd), John Kennedy (Kyle Mooney), and Sheldon Whitehouse (Pete Davidson), as well as "female" prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (Aidy Bryant). There are others like it, but this is mine. "I'm a keg-is-half-full kind of guy", "I don't know the meaning of the word 'stop, '" and "To quote my hero, Clint Eastwood's character in 'Gran Torino, ' 'Get the hell off my lawn'".

Damon's Kavanaugh went on to talk about the "con job" orchestrated by people like the Clintons, Kathy Griffin and "Mr. Ronan Sinatra".

"WHAT?!" Damon's Kavanaugh said, opening the hearing.

Asked if he drank beer in school, he says, "Look I like beer okay?"

The sketch also covered discussed of Kavanaugh's yearbook and the false definitions he gave of certain slang sexual terms.

"I'm usually an optimist", Damon said as the nominee.

The senators featured in the sketch were Chuck Grassley (Alex Moffat), Dianne Feinstein (Cecily Strong), Orrin Hatch (Beck Bennett), John Kennedy (Kyle Mooney), Sheldon Whitehouse (Pete Davidson), Cory Booker (Chris Redd), Amy Klobuchar (alum Rachel Dratch), and Lindsay Graham (a flawless Kate McKinnon).

"I was the proudest, drunkest virgin you've ever seen", Damon said at one point.

The sketch wound down as McKinnon's Graham repeatedly defended Kavanaugh by comparing him favorably to "Bill Cosby", which made Damon's judge very, very angry.

Where there is high drama involving personalities in the US capital, Saturday Night Live is sure to re-enact events.

After all of this, when asked whether or not he had the right demeanor to be a Supreme Court Justice, Damon's Kavanaugh said he "worked his butt off to get here - I busted my buns". But you think I'm angry now, you just wait till I get on that Supreme Court because then you're all going to pay.