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The lawsuit was filed by a woman who claims her Note 9 caught fire inside her purse. Soon she heard a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke. According to a report by NYPost, her new flagship device had combusted in her purse while she was in the elevator alone on 3 September. It was then that her bag started smoking, at which point she dropped the contents of her bag on the elevator floor and started punching buttons in panic, the smoke clouding her view. After having to abruptly discontinue the phone, Samsung concluded that the fault lay in the Note 7's battery. Samsung dared to integrate a big 4,000mAh battery inside the Galaxy Note 9, and when eyebrows regarding its safety were raised, CEO DJ Koh had to clarify that the Galaxy Note 9's battery is completely safe. This is especially true of Samsung and its last few Galaxy S and Note handsets, but the company says this won't be the case with next year's Galaxy S10, which will come with "very significant" changes to its design.

In a statement, Samsung claimed that no other incidents related to the Galaxy Note 9 have been reported so far and the company is already investigating the matter.

She explains the whole incident to be "traumatic", and mentions in the lawsuit that the fire ruined everything that was inside her bag.

After the Galaxy Note7's fiasco, Samsung had stepped up efforts to prevent such situations from reoccurring.

Another senior Samsung official Kate Beaumon had said that the latest Note 9 uses a newer cooling system for better heat dissipation. A report of a Galaxy Note9 catching fire has surfaced online.

In what may be a rehash of Samsung's troubles with the Galaxy Note 7, Chung has claimed her phone burst into flames after getting too hot. The Galaxy Note 9 has been launched in a number of markets around the world including India and has since received widespread praise.

In an email to PCMag, Samsung said it's looking into the incident.