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They also have a new image sensor and processor, incremental changes to the X that allow for better photography. The XS has a 5.8-inch screen, and starts at US$999 while the XS Max, the largest iPhone to date has a 6.5-inch screen, with a base price of US$1,099.

It's an especially confusing moment: Apple will sell no fewer than eight iPhone models in 2018.

In India, one would have to shell out Rs 12,075 a month as zero-cost EMI for a period of one year to own the 512 GB variant of iPhone XS Max. The iPhone XS retails for Rs 99,900 (64GB), Rs 1,14,900 (256GB) and Rs 1,34,900 (512GB), while the iPhone XS Max retails for Rs 1,09,900 (64GB), Rs 1,24,900 (256GB) and Rs 1,44,900 (512GB).

People around the world are lining up to get their hands on Apple's new iPhone XS and XS Max, but some couldn't wait to pull it apart (carefully) and check out what's going on underneath. Apple has also included eSIMs, a technology now in Apple watches and cellular iPads. The XR appears to be 90 percent as good as the iPhone XS for 75 percent of the price.

Preorders for the phones will begin on 21 September, and the devices will be available to purchase from 28 September. So yeah, the phones appear to be waterproof up to Apple's specs, but don't go beyond them because you'll ruin your phone.

British duo Lucy Hutchinson and James Griffith flew into Australia on Thursday night and made a beeline for the George Street outlet to be sure their new iPhone accessories were a snug fit. If you miss the old days when a phone could fit in a pair of skinny jeans, hunt down a 4-inch iPhone SE. On Wall Street, the consensus is that Apple will hike the iPhone ASP by 6% during fiscal 2019. The iPhone Xs Max offers a much bigger boost in the battery department, with a 3,174mAh offering. Oh, and it comes in lavender. You don't have a separate one anymore.

Selfies also get this threatment with Portrait mode on the front-facing TrueDepth camera.

The new iPhones look similar to their predecessor.