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The first of these concerns were AMP Stories, Google's open source library that helps publishers to build web-based, Snapchat-like flipbooks with insane graphics, animations, videos, and streaming audio.

The tech giant is adding a new "Journeys" feature, which is meant to keep track of users' searches about particular topics.

"We're starting with support for English and Spanish in the USA and will expand to more languages and countries soon", said Corby.

"So whether you've searched for the status of your favourite object orbiting the sun, the latest on the world's biggest events, or how to impress on the dance floor", reads the Google blog post. And if you speak multiple languages-based on your searches-Google's will try to figure that out, too. If you type in something about what to see while in New York, videos of the New York City skyline, the Statue of Liberty and other destinations might show up in this new box.

This story is developing, please refresh for updates. Google says they won't show up every time or for every query, and users can edit and remove results from the Cards. Through the demo, Google made the e-commerce implications clear: It's new visual-first search tools will help people buy products based on the online images that catch their eye.

Google introduces new 'Discover' feature as Search turns 20

Now it indexes hundreds of billions of pages and offers search in 150 languages - but despite its colossal database, Gomes says Google remains grounded in its mission to provide greater access to information. Google adds that Discover will be available not just on the Google app and the Pixel launcher, but also on Google.com on all mobile web browsers.

On the video part, Google is focusing computer vision to "deeply understand" the content of videos and highlight them in Search. On the same day as Google's announcement,

Why this matters: Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the new watchword at companies like Google, Microsoft and others: sprinkle a little AI on a feature, and watch its engagement grow. They do work when in the Google search app on iOS. You'll be able to save content from the activity card to your collections.

"Rather than presenting information within a set of predetermined categories, we can intelligently show the subtopics that are most relevant to what you're searching for and make it easy to explore information from the web, all with a single search", said Nick Fox, vice president of product and design, search, and assistant. One of the new features are activity cards: when the user re-scans the search query from the past, then Google will display the previous steps in the search results.

On a lighter note, Happy 20th Google! It looks and acts similarly to a Pinterest board in that any search you save to it is easily accessible later.