KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Shadow Stones, the new addition for Season 6 that give players all manner of weird abilities, were temporarily removed after they were exploited so that players could stay invisible forever as well as shoot. Shadow Stones, a new consumable, can be found in various locations on the map.

The method we used to find a Supply Llama was to drop in either in the extreme north or extreme south of the map and follow the river through the valley towards Loot Lake at the centre of the map. Located in the desert portion of the map, this Battle Star can only be obtained once you've completed every Week 1 Challenge.

Check out the "Darkness Rises" Season 6 trailer below, then stop reading this and go play the game on either PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox, iOS, or Android! In Shadow form, you'll also be able to run faster, jump higher, avoid fall damage and even pass through walls and ceilings. The addition of pets will probably be particularly exciting for the Battle Pass faithful, and we're definitely interested in seeing the new pets Epic rolls out in future seasons. Unfortunately, the items are bugged, causing Epic Games to temporarily disable use of them.

Epic has vaulted the suppressed submachine gun, impulse grenade, light machine gun and remote explosives as well.

You can now have a pet in 'Fortnite, ' which sits in your backpack.

You will unlock pets by leveling up your Battle Pass. Each pet is available in a variety of different color schemes, and if you want them all, you'll need to work your way all the way up to Battle Pass tier 98, which isn't exactly an easy feat. Stand still and you'll be invisible to other players.