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Known as the best meteor shower of the year, The Perseid meteors tend to be brighter, lengthier, and more spectacular due to their origin from Comet Swift-Tuttle.

For viewers in Idaho, the best place to watch the meteor shower will be from the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, which became the nation's first gold-tier dark-sky reserve in December, 2017, according to Space.com. However, observers in the mid-Southern Hemisphere will still have a chance of seeing some shooting stars if they look toward the northeast horizon.

Bermudez says the Perseid meteors come into view thanks to the comet 'Swift Tuttle.' She says the comet is expected to make its next pass by earth in the year 2126.

They're bits of ice and dust, which can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a pea.

Discovered in 1862, Swift-Tuttle is considered a large comet.

The meteors appear to shoot off of the constellation Perseus, which is how they get their name. At their peak, the Perseids can produce 100 meteors an hour.

You've heard of them before, meteor showers, but what exactly are they? Though the shower hasn't yet reached its peak, observers have already reported spotting short bursts of high meteor activity (15 meteors per minute) at times, as well as significant meteor activity (~100) over several hours. The best time to view this event is after midnight and before sunrise both Saturday and Sunday nights.

The Perseids meteor shower - one of the best cosmic spectacles of the year - is coming this weekend.

How many meteors will we see?

The Perseid Meteor Shower makes its annual display from July 17th - 24th; however, the shower's peak falls on August 12 - 13th. As these particles move in their elliptical path, Earth can pass through that path, meaning that both the Earth and these particles will collide.

Those who live in areas with little light pollution will be able to see the shower best, if there's clear weather. For city residents, parks can offer relief from light to watch the streaks.

Get a lawn chair or some blankets, spray yourself with some mosquito repellant and take in as much sky as you can, focusing on a dark part of the sky.