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Microsoft is really offering a great deal here because you would have to pay much less than going out there and buying the console and opting out for the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live services separately for two years.

DPA offers certain benefits such as no prepayment penalty, zero upfront cost, and 0% April for 24 months. This console will come packed with the Deluxe Edition of Battlefield V, the backwards-compatible Xbox 360 game Battlefield 1943, a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold, and one month of both EA Access and Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox One X bundle isn't anywhere near that good of a deal, but it still saves buyers about $20 off retail pricing.

Microsoft's Xbox All Access subscription service is available now in the U.S. for a limited time.

The Xbox All Access subscription service was outed during Gamescom, with the official details now confirmed by the tech giant. But it's still $420 a year to rent your entertainment and therefore quite expensive unless you already buy lots of games every year, and just as importantly, don't already own an Xbox One. If you have been waiting to pick up an Xbox One, will this cause you to go out and get one?

Signing up for Xbox All Access is an easy process - just got to your local Microsoft Store and apply for financing through Dell Preferred Account.

"What we want to do is make sure we provide the best service possible to our customers while also providing the best possible ecosystem for our partners and the most vibrant marketplace", Decker said. Quality over quantity is what gamers want from the Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox One S version of the service costs $21.99, while the Xbox One X version will cost $34.99 per month. As I mentioned up above, the amount you will pay each month will depend on the console you get. You keep access to every title as long as you're subscribed.

Xbox One S - $21.99 per month with 0% April for 24 months.

It is interesting that this is a Microsoft special but is being financed through a Dell Preferred Account.

It's a smart move, and it may offer a look at a new way that companies like Microsoft and Sony can continually upgrade their game consoles while keeping them affordable for customers. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!