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Planet Mars will get closest to Earth in 15 years on Tuesday at 57.59 million km and next it will occur only in 2035, Planetary Society, India (PSI) said.

He said due to opposition planet Mars, Earth and Sun were opposite to each other in a straight line from our perspective on earth. Nope. In 2003, Mars was 34.6 million miles from Earth and the closest it had been in almost 60,000 years.

The local stargazers are invited for a camp to witness the Red Planet from 7 pm to 10 pm tonight at the Colombo Campus grounds.

On July 27, Mars was at opposition, meaning that the Sun and the Red Planet came opposite to each other, keeping the Earth in the middle. Astronomer James Durbano from Big Sky Astronomical Society has given us some tips on how we can observe the Red Planet on this very special night.

"Mars does not retain enough carbon dioxide that could practically be put back into the atmosphere" to terraform the planet, NASA said in a press release on the new study.

The minimum distance from the Earth to Mars is about 33.9 million miles (54.6 million kilometers), and is rarely achieved.

"Our results suggest that there is not enough Carbon dioxide remaining on Mars to provide significant greenhouse warming were the gas to be put into the atmosphere; in addition, most of the Carbon dioxide gas is not accessible and could not be readily mobilized".

It is believed that Mars can predict global military disasters on Earth.

In this image from Hubble's visible so-called classical ring of Saturn, which were the first recorded explorers of the planet, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference for a New time.

Mars can easily be seen with the naked eye in the evening time. "Not quite as bright as Venus, but still because of the reddish, orange-ish-red color, you really can't miss it in the sky". You can also look through a telescope. Jupiter is almost as bright as Mars. Mars will reach its highest point at around midnight - it will be around 35 degrees above the southern horizon or one-third of the distance between the overhead and horizon. Planet Mars can be spotted in the sky till end of year with more appreciable brightness till end of November 2018.

Astronomical event was broadcast by NASA from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.