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First lady Melania Trump's parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, became USA citizens on Thursday, taking advantage of a program that President Trump has long railed against.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs have been living in the USA as permanent residents on green cards sponsored by their daughter, Melania Trump, and completed the naturalisation process by taking a citizenship oath on Thursday in New York City.

Melania Trump had sponsored her parents for their green cards, Wildes said in describing the process by which the Knavses had become USA citizens.

FIRST lady Melania Trump's parents have become U.S. citizens today through a process that her husband has vowed to end.

Pressed on the fact that the President has harshly criticized family-based migration and regularly refers to it as "chain migration", Wildes responded: "I can't comment on the President's politics when it comes to my clients but I have stood up against the President's immigration policies personally".

According to the report, the first lady's communications director Stephanie Grisham said since the Knavses are not part of the administration, she is not commenting on them. They had been living in the U.S.as permanent residents. But the Knavses' lawyer said their ceremony was kept private for "security reasons".

Writing on Twitter in November, Trump made his views on the system clear. They frequently travel with the Trumps and split their time between New York, Palm Beach, Florida, and Washington, where they stay in the White House.

Later that month, he laid out his immigration plan in the State of the Union address, once again calling for an end to family-based immigration, saying it allows a single immigrant to "bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives".

It said it is unclear about when or how the couple received green cards. According to news reports, Melania came to the United States in 2001 on a so-called Einstein visa for "individuals of extraordinary ability" as a model.

Under US immigration law, Melania's parents would need to have had green cards for at least five years before they could apply for citizenship.

Security guards and US Citizenship and Immigration Services workers in offices adorned with Donald Trump's portrait said they were unaware of anyone being sworn in there on Thursday. But cracking down on individuals who entered the United States without a visa has not been his only priority; he's also made it even more hard for immigrants to come to the country legally.

The Knavses raised Melania in the rural industrial town of Sevnica while Slovenia was under the Communist rule. Amalija Knavs had harvested onions on her family's farm, then worked in a textile factory, and sewed her two daughters' clothes.