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The Perseid meteor shower peaks Saturday night and Sunday night.

Cooke said sky watchers could see 60 to 70 meteors an hour during its peak this year.

Most of the state should experience clear to mostly clear skies each night.

He said the meteor activity has been ongoing for more than two weeks and will continue for about another week.

"If you look at the radiant point you will see short meteor bursts whereas if you look a little bit off you'll see the longer trails as they hit our atmosphere".

The best views should come just before dawn on August 13, Astronomy Magazine reported, though observers will still have a lot to see between midnight and dawn on days surrounding the peak.

One of the best annual astronomical events will light up the sky this weekend and celestial bodies have aligned to produce an excellent late-night show.

The 2015 Perseid meteor shower.

The key to seeing a meteor is to take in as much sky as possible.

It's the most popular meteor shower of the year.

Meteors can be seen nearly anytime between July 17 and August 24 this year, but the shower's peak only lasts a few days: August 11-13.

Every August, the Earth passes through the debris field of the comet Swift-Tuttle. This is typically one of the best meteor showers viewable from Missouri.

You can also watch the Perseids online, but barring bad weather, we hesitate to recommend that route.

Not only is the forecast calling for clear skies, a lack of moonlight means they should be plenty dark as well, creating the ideal conditions.

The Perseids appear to emanate from between the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia, but to catch them there's really no need to worry about which direction you're looking.

"The best observing sites have no nearby lights, so tend to be away from towns and cities". Because of this, meteor rates could be as high as 200 per hour.

How to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower in India?