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Tom Marquardt, the onetime publisher of the Capital Gazette, told The Associated Press at Hiaasen's memorial that Ramos sent one letter to a company lawyer saying he was on his way to the Annapolis newspaper "to kill as many people" as he could.

Governor Larry Hogan made the call to lower Maryland state flags to half-staff.

Mr Buckley said his wife talked him out of pushing ahead without the President's approval and lowering flags in Annapolis, the capital of the USA state of Maryland.

Buckley, elected Annapolis mayor a year ago, submitted the flag request to the White House over the weekend and said he was disappointed it was not initially approved.

The White House has reversed it's previous decision and now will lower the United States flag in honor of the Capital Gazette shooting victims.

Trump has ordered American flags be lowered to half-staff for almost every fatal mass shooting that's received national attention since coming into office, including the attacks at USA schools in recent months. She alleged he began cyberstallking her years earlier - repeatedly sending her aggressive private messages, harassing her therapist for information and contacting her employer to tell them she was "a bipolar drunkard leading a double life", which she said cost her her job. The way Trump sees it if people are mad at the press they're less likely to believe he's as disgusting as everyone says he is. Buckley said, according to the newspaper.

Hannah Hiaasen, his youngest daughter, said the family called him "Big Rob" - a nickname that perfectly fit the assistant managing editor who stood 6-foot-5.

Trump has also been accused of spreading hatred against the media. You know, like at the vigils, I don't know if you saw, but we got a lot of love around here, you know?

Five people were killed last Thursday when a lone gunman with a pump shotgun blasted his way into the newspaper office and shot five employees. "Is it a matter of body count, or do some attacks carry with them a symbolic significance that transcends the police report?" The attack came amid months of verbal and online attacks on the "fake news media" from politicians and others from President Donald Trump on down. Obama did eventually make such an order, five days after the killings.