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Reported by Deadline, Comcast put forth a new bit of $34 billion for Sky just hours after 21st Century Fox raised its own bid to $32.5.

The Comcast NBC logo is shown on a building in Los Angeles, California, U.S. June 13, 2018. A month after 21st Century Fox had accepted the House of Mouse's $71.3 billion bid to acquire its film studio and TV assets, an impending lawsuit from a Fox shareholder could bring proceedings to another halt. His new offer made on Wednesday, at £14.00 a share, once again won over Sky's independent directors who recommended the new £24.5bn deal.

Even as 21st Century Fox shareholders prepare to look at Disney's latest bid, Comcast is getting ready to increase its offer.

The fight for Britain's leading pay-TV group is part of a bigger battle being waged in the entertainment industry as the world's media giants spend tens of billions of dollars to take on the rapid growth of Netflix (NFLX.O) and Amazon.com (AMZN.O).

Disney's bid to buy out the majority of Fox's entertainment assets was the talk of the town a year ago, until the two companies hit a roadblock - an anti-competitive complaint by the Department of Justice.

The increased pace of bidding caused Sky shares to rise 3.2 percent in London Thursday, with investors anticipating further bids, Bloomberg reports.

"We have long recognised the unique position that Sky occupies", said Gilbert.

All of those assets will go to Disney if it should succeed in its acquisition plans for Fox.

Sky's shares closed at £15.01 on Tuesday, suggesting shareholders think the bidding war will continue. Is this the deal that inspires more or scares off others?

Murdoch's Fox said the performance of Sky since December 2016, including its renewal of the right to show English Premier League matches at a lower price than expected, justified its higher offer.

Richard Greenfield at BTIG said however he thought Disney needed to buy Sky to secure a direct relationship with customers in Europe so it could sell them its vast range of programming.

One hedge fund manager with a stake in Sky welcomed that pledge as a sign that Disney backed Fox in the battle. Murdoch has agreed to sell Fox's entertainment assets including its stake in Sky to Disney, though Comcast is weighing another counteroffer for the Fox portfolio.