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In 2010, he signed with the Miami Heat and won a pair of championships before returning and winning one with the Cavaliers. His reason for being there is unknown: The Lakers are considered a strong candidate to sign James, but he also has an offseason home in L.A.

Last season, the 33-year-old James averaged 27.5 points, 8.6 rebounds and 9.1 assists in 82 games.

LeBron James is leaving home for Hollywood and an iconic team. He also started several projects, including a school that will open July 30, to uplift the region and ensure he will have a lasting impact. The Sixers were reportedly able to secure a meeting with LeBron's representatives (but not LeBron himself) in Los Angeles today.

After finishing 11th in the Western Conference with a 35-47 record during the 2017-18 season, the Lakers pulled off what is possibly the greatest free agency accomplishment in the franchise's history.

Now that some of the early dust has settled, the battle for him appears to be down to two teams: Cleveland vs. Los Angeles. During 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, Stephenson was caught on camera blowing in James' ear.

Given how deep the Warriors are, James is going to have a tough task going through them to get to the Finals again. Heck, he might have a hard time getting to the conference finals because that means going through Golden State or Houston.

Despite Paul George not filling in as the team's second max-contract slot due to his decision to re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Lakers have options with James committing to a long-term deal. Maybe the Rockets retain Clint Capela to keep their core intact and they're still a title contender next season (although I still think the loss of Ariza will come back to haunt the Rockets).

The superstar has three championship rings.

James' discussion with the Cavaliers was first reported by ESPN.

The move helps shift the balance of power in the National Basketball Association more toward the Western Conference.

The Cavs, on the other hand, have been mostly operating in the dark.