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The president also has been considering federal appeals court Judges Raymond Kethledge and Thomas Hardiman.

In his dissent for Seven-Sky v. Holder, Kavanaugh detailed how he views the role federal courts should play, one that includes no oversight over Congress's taxation powers.

"To win the Senate, Democrats need to keep all 10 seats they're defending in states that President Trump won in 2016 - plus pick up two more seats", the poll explained.

With Democrats releasing a fleet of statements either declaring immediate opposition or deep skepticism about Kavanaugh's previous writings, decisions and policy stances, Graham issued something of a warning to the minority party. More than half of all Americans said couldn't say whether the last five Supreme Court nominees should be confirmed when their names were first made public.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a key Republican vote, was also invited to the White House but is not going, she said Monday. But his supporters have cited his experience and wide range of legal opinions.

Trump was scheduled to announce his pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy at 6 p.m. Arizona time.

"If that nominee is from the pre-approved list selected by Leo and the Heritage Foundation, every one ought to understand what it means for the freedom of women to make their own healthcare decisions, and for the protection for Americans with preexisting conditions".

"He's a good man and I like him", Casey said of Hardiman. He went on to say, "There can be no mistaking Trump's Supreme Court nomination for anything but what it is: a direct attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade". The two have supported access to abortion services. Trump is expected to pressure recalcitrant Senate Democrats into supporting his nominee by holding rallies in their states. Kennedy, a member of the Judiciary Committee, which will get the first chance to question the nominee, predicted a "rough, tough, down in the dirt, ear-pulling, nose-biting fight".

"If Roe v Wade were to be overturned by a court that included Justice Kavanaugh, that would probably have very little impact in a state like IL", he said.

Many conservatives are disappointed that President Donald Trump did not nominate Amy Coney Barrett or Sen. Given the Republican's slim 51-49 majority in the Senate, the conservative seemingly already has the numbers to take Kennedy's seat. But legal experts say that reaction may actually be justified, as adding another conservative to the court could signal a once-in-a-generation shift in the nation's highest court of law.

Ultimately, Hawkins said she believes Trump's Supreme Court nomination choice probably came down to the candidate's personal loyalty to him. Brian Fallon, the group's executive director, said Tuesday that the group would place more ads targeting Democrats in North Dakota, Indiana and West Virginia - with a focus on the risk that Kavanaugh's confirmation could represent to the ACA. Kyl now works for Washington law and lobbying firm Covington and Burling, LLP.

Kavanaugh is expected to meet in coming days with senators at their offices, going door-to-door in get-to-know-you sessions ahead of confirmation hearings.

Casey said he opposes the process by which Trump is picking his judges, which he described as choosing from a list of 25 nominees prepared by conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society.