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A Vietnam War veteran who confessed five years ago to killing a 4-year-old girl in a 1968 hit-and-run was trying to protect children when a woman drove her auto onto a little league baseball field in ME during a game, striking and killing him.

Players scrambled and parents screamed as the maroon sedan ripped through the baseball field, infield dust flying into the Friday evening from under the car's spinning tires.

As Sharrow motored back into the middle of the field and through the gate, she allegedly struck 68-year-old Douglas Parkhurst, officials said.

Darlene Ashby McCann, who was holding her little sister's hand when she was struck, said that Parkhurst never apologised.

"I know my mother suffered and my father suffered", she said.

Carol Sharrow, of Sanford, Maine, stands for her arraignment on manslaughter charges at the York County Superior Court in Alfred, Maine, Monday, June 4, 2018.

"I hate to think that I'm relieved that someone has passed away, but that's what I feel", she said. Screaming bystanders and ballplayers fled as Carol Sharrow, of Sanford, drove through an open gate onto the field Friday night, police said.

Several people rushed to Parkhurst's side once the scene was safe and rendered aid to the 68-year-old, who died en route to the hospital due to the injuries he had sustained. Acting on the tip, Fulton Police Sgt. Stephen Lunn and Investigator Michael Batstone began reviewing hundreds of pages of reports.

"I felt kind of helpless because at that point the only thing I knew was I cared about the safety of the kids on the ball field", Curley said.

Parkhurst said he didn't know why the police hadn't questioned him again in 1968.

The statute of limitations in the case had already expired so Parkhurst was not charged. The confession reportedly included an admission that Parkhurst and his brother had been drinking. "It sounded like I hit a dog", Parkhurst wrote. I did not stop.

He said his brother was passed out on the back seat of the vehicle at the time of the collision.

Parkhurst left NY and moved to ME after he confessed to the hit-and-run, and reportedly never apologized to McCann or her family for what he did.

"I know in my heart and I am 99.9 percent sure I hit that little girl with my 1962 tan Buick Special", Parkhurst wrote, according to the Press Herald, citing a series of articles by the Post-Standard in Syracuse.

"I did not see what I hit". "He left us all these years with nothing, not even an 'I'm sorry'". "I wish they did and I would have told them the truth". "Sometime I may be able to forgive him, but not right now". He moved to ME and faced no consequences. Maine State Police and the Sanford Police Department are continuing to investigate the incident. She was held at York County Jail Monday and was scheduled to appear in court later Monday.

Johnson said the case of Carolee's death has stuck with him for a long time.

The irony of Parkhurst's death, that he would die in the same way that he killed Carolee, and by a woman with a similar name, isn't lost on Darlene Ashby McCann.