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Hours after Manafort's bail was revoked on Friday, Mueller's office told the court it would introduce evidence at trial that Manafort sought to circumvent Ukrainian public procurement law by masking the size of payments to a United States law firm that wrote a report aimed at discrediting Yanukovych's chief political rival.

'This is not middle school. "I can't take his cell phone". "I said he shouldn't pardon anybody".

"This hearing is not about politics. It is about the defendant's conduct", Jackson said.

U.S. authorities immediately took Manafort into custody and escorted him out of a packed courtroom, where his wife looked on during the hearing.

Trump said Friday that the ruling that sent Manafort to jail was a "tough sentence" and "very unfair".

Who was Manafort accused of contacting?

Mueller, whose investigation has overshadowed Trump's presidency, is looking into whether any Trump campaign associates coordinated with Russian Federation and if Trump unlawfully sought to obstruct the probe.

He had repeatedly requested to end his home confinement in exchange for pledging $10 million in real estate as collateral - which Judge Jackson had rebuffed.

Big news, of a sort anyway, in the ongoing special-counsel prosecution of Paul Manafort. He worked for Ronald Reagan.

On Friday morning, Mr Trump distanced himself from his former campaign aide.

Later, Trump took to Twitter, writing "Didn't know Manafort was the head of the Mob".

"I feel badly for some people because they've gone back 12 years to find things about somebody".

"I don't want to talk about that", the president said.

Mr Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was even more direct, telling a NY newspaper that the Manafort situation could eventually get "cleaned up" by presidential pardons. "It would have to be way down the road". Manafort hasn't been convicted of any crimes or sentenced.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Mr Manafort, who led the campaign from March until August 2016, was accused of witness tampering while awaiting trial on federal conspiracy and money-laundering charges.

His trial on the related charges in Virginia is set for next month. And he reached new heights of power in 2016, when he gained a top position in US President Donald Trump's campaign.

The court's decision to jail Manafort ahead of his trial also poses a dilemma for Trump. In December, Mueller's team asked the court to revise the terms of Manafort's release after they learned he was ghostwriting an op-ed about his lobbying work for Ukraine while out on bail.

Jackson, the judge, declined to punish Manafort then but warned she would probably consider similar actions in the future as a violation.

Prosecutors argued on Friday that Manafort could continue to engage in alleged criminal activity if he is not jailed.

Andres said Manafort had carried out a "sustained campaign" over five weeks to influence the witnesses' testimony, which he said was part of Manafort's "history of deception in this case". "At the least, he has shown he is adept" at making them. That witness was disturbed by the contact and reported it to the special counsel.

Manafort also faces 18 separate criminate charges in a federal court in Virginia.

Manafort's attorneys claim that Mueller hasn't provided them with a witness list so that they don't know whom Manafort should be forbidden to contact.

The Manafort case focuses on his work between 2004 and 2014 in Ukraine for pro-Russia politicians including former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Kilimnik, a former army-trained linguist with alleged ties to Russian intelligence, was included in an updated indictment of Manafort that accused both of witness tampering. Kilimnik is believed to be in Moscow - and therefore safe from arrest because Russian Federation does not extradite its citizens.