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"Send a helicopter to throw water over them because they are burning". My children say they would rather be in the streets.

The capital of the small British colony, Plymouth, is wiped off the map and 20 are killed or left missing in avalanches of hot rock and ash clouds when its volcano erupts.

Figures for the dead were tweeted by Guatemala's National Institute of Forensic Sciences. That volcano caused pyroclastic flows, which are essentially avalanches of gas, rock, lava and ash that can move at 50 miles per hour or faster. The institute said that 23 of those recovered bodies had been identified.

It is feared that the number of victims can rise substantially since 192 people still remain unaccounted for. He said it was not immediately clear if some of those could be among the unidentified bodies.

At least 34 people go missing after a sudden volcanic eruption causes mudslides that bury five Andean villages northeast of Lima.

"Lavas can be deadly and risky, but they usually move at a more predictable rate and don't spread out as quickly across the land, so it can usually be escaped from before people lose their life", Rubin said. "They are taking away our opportunity to say goodbye".

Authorities have said the window is closing on the chances of finding anyone else alive in the devastation. Rescuers are still struggling to locate people due to homes and roads being completely covered in volcanic ash.

People praised the police officers on Twitter for the rescue.

"He is called Rambo", said volunteer firefighter Sergio Vazquez, who carried the dog on his shoulders to safety.

One of the more glaring differences surrounding news of the two eruptions is Guatemala's death toll.

These funds will help "Guatemala Red Cross support 3,000 of the most vulnerable survivors for three months", they added. Numerous victims are unrecognisable, with officials warning that DNA testing and other methods may be needed to identify them. At least 46 people have been injured.

The Guatemalan military said a U.S. Air Force plane was flying in today to take about a half-dozen children who suffered burns for treatment in Galveston, Texas.

A rescue team from Israel is also aiding with rescue efforts. Over the years, the volcano is known for strombolian activity, which means it can produce moderate eruptions.