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The Kerala government, he said, has already quarantined 250 persons and is handling the outbreak well.

It also asks BSA presidents to provide updates on the matter to DAHE on a regular basis.

The government is coordinating with all relevant sectors including zoonosis, wildlife, animal husbandry, human health, clinicians, pulmonologists, neurologists and private sector. Long term sequale of Nipah virus include persistent convulsions and personality changes. Till now, 16 of the 18 people who tested positive for Nipah virus have died. "Since there is no treatment and cure to this rare and deadly virus and the infection is fast spreading, already claiming 13 lives since its outbreak in Kozhikode district of Kerala". People were panicking after reading about the virus.

Scientists at the National Institute of Virology have confirmed that the Bangladesh strain of Nipah virus (NiV) is responsible for the current outbreak in Kerala, a The Times of India report said. There is no vaccine for the virus at present.

- Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family of the Pteropus genus is believed to be the natural host of the virus.

Experts suggest it's hard to find the infected fruit bats as they recover after a week or two but, in the meantime, they may infect people. The name of the village was Kampung Sungai Nipah, hence the name Nipah virus, informed Dr. Jay Deshmukh in an event organised by IMA. It has been found to be effective in vitro (in cells or microorganisms placed in a test tube or culture dish). Reports say it has not been tested on humans so far but can be used on compassionate grounds.

Meanwhile, the latest victim of the Nipah virus has been identified as 25-year-old Rashim of Neduvannur.

Roja had been to the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital, where a person was undergoing treatment for Nipah virus infection. She added that the authorities had drawn up a list of 1,950 people who had come in contact with confirmed nipah patients and were closely monitoring them. The condition of the other two patients is stable. A common example is consumption of raw date palm sap contaminated with infectious bat excretions.