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Qualcomm has its eye on Intel's PC market, if rumours around a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 are to be believed. It's pretty much aimed to be going head-to-head against Intel's Y and U series Core processors. A new job posting by Qualcomm says that it is looking for an engineer who can work on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets on the desktop, Andromeda and Hololens AR, VR products in Audio, Video, Display and Camera. Though the Snapdragon 1000 might be a smaller chipset compared to the Intel counterpart.

The devices are intended for lower-power, slimline Windows 10 laptops and two-in-one computers, targeting Intel's Y- and U-series CPUs that, while drawing around 4.5 watts and 15 watts respectively, offer somewhat humdrum erformance in return.

Current Snapdragon 1000 test chips include up to 16GB of RAM, with two 128GB flash storage modules, 802.11ad gigabit Wi-Fi and gigabit LTE. However, Qualcomm is now aiming to compete at par with chipset giants such as AMD and Intel through the development of a Snapdragon 1000 series designed specifically for PCs.

Qualcomm has been busy the past few months, rather than just relying on the mobile phone industry which is stagnating somewhat, they have been working on new chips that can fill the void of declining phone sales.

Built on the ARM Cortex-A76 architecture, the Snapdragon 1000 can be considered as the more powerful and capable successor to the Snapdragon 850. At least that seems to be the case from the 12W power draw for the SoC; the CPU itself will draw 6.5W.

What's slated to offer even more performance apparently, however, is something called the Snapdragon 1000, a chip that has been enjoying its time in the rumormill spotlight these past few days.