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"I think she is just mean - she's just always ready to say a frightful thing, whatever will hurt the most", the source said.

As noted by ET, Goodman has received 11 Emmy nominations over the span of his career, including six that were for his role as Barr's on-screen husband, Dan Conner, on Roseanne. But I've got a better idea. The infamous tweet Roseanne wrote called a black former Obama aide was the "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby", so that first point isn't in contention.

The revived sitcom was the number one show on television and pre-production was already underway on a second season, which would have aired this fall on ABC.

"I'm a great believer in freedom of speech and I don't like to see corporations punish people for what they say".

Barr, who is Jewish, then went on to suggest that she was the victim, tweeting: "I think I spent the last 24 hours watching the party of inclusion, diversity, understanding, and acceptance, lynch a Jew".

Her latest comments are about nine-year-old Rey, who plays Roseanne's adorable grand-daughter on the show. "I begged4 ppls jobs", she wrote.

She is embracing a discredited conspiracy theory that blamed the cancellation of her show on a shadowy coalition of Twitter users known as the FBR, which is short for "Follow Back Resistance".

"He said: "what were you thinking when you did this?' I said: 'I thought she was white, she looks like my family!' He scoffed & said: 'what u have done is egregious, and unforgivable".

After Roseanne was canceled, Barr seemed remorseful, telling her fans, "don't defend me, it's sweet of you 2 try, but.losing my show is 0 compared 2 being labelled a racist over one tweet-that I regret even more". "Will I ever recover from this pain? omg", she added. "The president is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying the most terrible things about this president and nobody addresses it", she said. But ABC said it was canceling the show, condemning her "abhorrent, repugnant" tweet, which was "inconsistent with our values".

Despite the controversy over Barr's tweets, Goodman said he has not been following the incident. "I can't let myself cave in tho".

She continued on to say she is "so flawed" and thanked her followers for their "loving support".