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Previous to the impact, the Tesla was tracking the vehicle in front of it in the carpool at 65 miles-per-hour eight seconds before the crash.

One crash in particular in Mountain View, California, involving a Model X on a well-mapped stretch of road gave some cause for concern, enough that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) launched an investigation into it, an investigation from which Tesla was eventually excluded. The NTSB says it now will examine the cause of the crash.

Some people already have issues managing all the power in Tesla's current performance vehicles and that power is going to be dwarfed by Tesla's next-gen Roadster.

The logo on a 2018 Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is shown in Cardiff, California, U.S., in this picture taken June 1, 2018.

"Tesla Autopilot does not prevent all accidents - such a standard would be impossible - but it makes them much less likely to occur", Tesla wrote in a March blog post.

Walter Huang, the 38-year old driver, was killed.

In the report released Thursday, the NTSB said the SUV was operating with traffic-aware cruise control and autosteer lane-keeping assistance engaged at the time of the crash.

The report noted that at four seconds before impact, Model X was no longer following a vehicle in front and began to speed up. In the final minute of his drive, Huang had his hands off the wheel for 34 total seconds, including the six seconds preceding the crash. "For the last 6 seconds prior to the crash, the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel".

The Tesla was no longer following a lead vehicle four seconds before the crash.

NBIM now owns 1.4 per cent of all Tesla's globally listed shares and held a 0.48 per cent stake in the company at the end of 2017, worth approximately $252.5 million. That left the vehicle in a so-called "gore area", a triangular region of pavement between highway lanes and an exit ramp. Then it hit the barrier, which was equipped with an accordion-like device to absorb impact in a crash.

Musk had already said that the new Roadster's insane specs were enabled by SpaceX's rocket technology.

Tesla's owner's manual warns drivers that the system may not detect stationary objects when traveling at higher speeds.

After striking the gore point's crash attenuator, the Tesla struck two other cars.

I know that the "Augmented Mode" was in reference to Autopilot and driver assist systems, but I'd like to see an augmented reality feature on the Roadster, especially since it doesn't have an instrument cluster.

A few days after the accident, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) signaled its intention to investigate the crash. "The San Mateo Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire".

The report concluded that the Tesla did not attempt to brake or steer clear of the barrier.

Tesla said earlier that "the reason this crash was so severe is because the crash attenuator, a highway safety barrier which is created to reduce the impact into a concrete lane divider, had been crushed in a prior accident without being replaced". It also may not work all the time, the manual say. "Never depend on Automatic Emergency Braking to avoid or reduce the impact of a collision".

The NTSB originally announced it was looking into a fire that erupted in the car's battery, which was damaged in the impact. "The battery was monitored with a thermal imaging camera, but no active fire operations were conducted".