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That said, this is still a field that is being meticulously explored, and one can hope that researchers will be able to refine AI to the extent that it can tackle day-to-day human problems efficiently and correctly in the future.

Naturally, with this kind of data set as reference material, Norman's image captions are particularly gruesome. An algorithm itself is not unfair, biased, or negative, it's all about the information it absorbs. All the image data MIT fed Norman came from what it calls "an infamous subreddit" that the researchers refuse to name specifically due to its graphic content. They trained Norman using captions that are dedicated to the reality of death.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created psychopath.

While the Norman project immediately brings to mind psychopathic robots from the "Terminator" movie franchise, the researchers say there is validity in showing that machines are not inherently biased and that the people inputting data can significantly alter their behaviour. While the Rorschach test has its own doubters whether it is a valid way to measure a person's psychological state, Norman's responses don't need a test to be labelled creepy. The comparison went like, the standard AI describing one image as a vase with flowers while Norman stating a man being shot dead.

The team found Norman's interpretations of the imagery - which included electrocutions, speeding auto deaths and murder - to be in line with a psychotic thought process. The image below captures the level of effect that Reddit thread had on Norman's ability to perceive images.

Norman is an AI experiment born from the test and "extended exposure to the darkest corners of Reddit", according to MIT, in order to explore how datasets and bias can influence the behavior and decision-making capabilities of artificial intelligence. In another case, the regular AI saw a couple standing together romantically, while Norman seeing a pregnant woman falling from a building. In 2016, Microsoft launched Tay, a Twitter chat bot. If your concept of evil machine involves an artificially intelligent system with twisted and gruesome thoughts, turn to Norman.