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Apple is set to address some of the tech backlash on issues such as data privacy and smartphone addiction, including announcing new tools for parents to monitor and limit use of their children's devices.

The WSJ claims that the number of bugs has been higher in iOS 11 than any previous version of Apple's mobile operating system. However, with the update, iPhones with NFC will soon be able to unlock doors of hotel rooms, auto doors among others. This was reported by The Information, and now NFC chip on iPhones is limited to payments via Apple Pay. This requires the company to add code to make sure that each device runs smoothly with the latest version of its operating system.

Now, having played around with multiple smart assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant I can safely say that Siri really needs to up its game.

Reports suggest cross-platform functionality may finally be introduced in iOS 12 and macOS 10.14. And there are indications that macOS 10.14 will called Mojave, after the Mojave desert in California. You'll then need to enter the network URL of the stream, which we don't know just yet.

Recently we reported that Apple will be announcing ARKit 2.0 at its WWDC event, starting on June 4. However, following that leak from the end of December, blogger John Gruber explained last month that Marzipan is more like a declarative control API, and noted that it likely won't materialize until iOS 13 arrives in 2019.

According to a Bloomberg report, details of app usage will be bundled into a menu within the Settings app in iOS 12.

This development might be an indication of what's to come on the software front. There's a good chance we'll see more of a cross-over between iOS and Mac apps this time around, too. If launched, users will be able to enter an app on their MacBook and pick up from where they left off in the same app on their iPhone.

Each year Apple comes up with its new innovative ideas and new OS versions, along with few developer-side updates and some new incredible apps.

Like the watchOS 5, there are very few rumours about the new tvOS. These changes will define how iPhones work in 2018 and a major part of 2019.

Current stock shortages suggest that we might see a new MacBook Pro announced at the event, specifically a new 13-inch model. Now Apple typically tries to keep WWDC limited to software-related announcements as much as possible, but from time to time they do announce new hardware or refreshes to existing hardware. Google takes it one step further with software that can bring Android and iPhone players in the same AR space using digital anchors.

But the iPhone SE 2 is also rumoured to feature glass backing for wireless charging and an iPhone X style notched display.