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Style it with Meghan's exact black pumps from Sarah Flint, a brand she's loyal to as she has been witnessed wearing its shoes numerous times. Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to ride a train, in 1842, and quickly understood its usefulness.

During a walkabout in Chester, Meghan said of married life "it is wonderful".

"It is wonderful. I'm really enjoying it."

"That means an terrible lot to us".

Meghan has previously opened up about how welcoming Harry's grandmother has been to her.

According to The Sun royal reporter Emily Andrews, Buckingham Palace revealed the earrings were a from Queen Elizabeth, contradicting earlier reports that stated Birks supplied the pearl earrings.

The queen worked one side of the street, greeting well-wishers, while the duchess walked down the other side, chatting with local residents and showing her wedding ring to one small group. "She is with the boss, so no pressure!"

Watch Meghan spend quality time with the queen in the video below.

Meghan kept fiddling with her hair, which is a pure sign of nerves.

Maryam, 15, said: "We skived off school for this".

Among the dignitaries who met the Royals in Widnes were Grange Hill and Brookside creator Phil Redmond and wife Alexis, the High Sheriff of Cheshire.

Redmond joked: "I wondered if she wanted a part in Hollyoaks".

The locomotive travels much slower than most modern trains and operators even make sure that carriages do not cross any bumps while the Queen takes her bath around 7:30 AM. Meghan then climbed in first. The queen's saloon features a sitting room (with a desk for going through her red boxes), a bathroom (fitted with a royal tub) and a bedroom decorated in soft pastel colors, lace pillows, Scottish landscape paintings and prints of royal trains of the past.

Markle's first outing with the Queen comes just one month after her lavish wedding ceremony.

"But when she did glance at her, it was with a beaming smile and approval".

Meghan's body language signals of anxiety could also have another source.

Her role with him is often to pat, hug and touch in gestures of reassurance.

Markle, who wore a beige pencil dress with a cape top, and the queen, who sported a floral dress and green coat, visited Mersey Gateway Bridge. The Duchess opted a chic cream dress which featured flared sleeves.

Delicate silver jewellery and black accessories rounded off an outfit many women will be quick to copy.

So yeah, it looks like Meghan will be rocking nudes for a little while longer.