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She instead referred questions to Trump's legal team.

According to The Wall Street Journal, constitutional scholars say the question of the presidential self-pardon remains unresolved.

Meanwhile, Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, says that constitutionally he can pardon himself, but it isn't likely.

On Sunday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who is considered the front-runner to become the next House speaker, seemed to argue the opposite of Giuliani and Christie, saying the key focus of Mueller's probe is, simply, whether the Trump campaign and Russian Federation had colluded during the 2016 election.

No need of a pardon anyway, Trump tweeted, because "I have done nothing wrong".

The British government says May told Trump that the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are "close national security allies" and they recognize the importance of open and fair trade.

Trump's legal team has long pushed the special counsel to narrow the scope of its interview. It came up last summer when Trump asked his advisors about his power to "pardon aides, family members, and even himself" in connection with Mueller's investigation. "I don't know how it got out".

An attorney for President Donald Trump stressed Sunday that the president's legal team would contest any effort to force the president to testify in front of a grand jury during the special counsel's Russian Federation probe but downplayed the idea that Trump could pardon himself.

Legal experts said Trump was claiming executive privileges that few presidents had ever claimed before. "The president has never said he would pardon himself", House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told CNN.

Former Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the weekend news that The New York Times obtained copies of a confidential memo Trump's legal team sent to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation in January.

"A president can not pardon out of an impeachment", Turley said.

President Donald Trump is defending his new trade policies, saying trade practices by other countries are "Not acceptable!"

Trump also tweeted Monday that the Justice Department's "appointment of the Special Counsel is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL".

"Thankfully the president hasn't done anything wrong and therefore wouldn't need one", she said. "Pardoning other people is one thing, pardoning yourself is tough".

The second-ranking Republican in the Senate, John Cornyn of Texas, dismissed questions about Trump pardoning himself as "an academic argument".

"If he shot James Comey, he'd be impeached the next day", he said.

Trump noted the mandate to buy insurance has been repealed, claimed that "drug prices are coming down" and that he has signed legislation to give terminally ill patients the "right to try" experimental drugs that have yet to win regulatory approval. "You stake out the most outrageous position and then anything else you do looks moderate". [The Washington Post] Julie O'Sullivan, Georgetown Law: "In the debates surrounding the framing of the Constitution, the framers were very clear: No one, least of all the president, can be above the law". Last year he pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, convicted of criminal contempt. Trump is considering pardons for disgraced former IL governor Rod Blagojevich, serving 14 years for public corruption, and former "Apprentice" spin-off host Martha Stewart, convicted of conspiracy, obstruction, and false statements.

"What I was concerned most about, like most Americans, was there any collusion?" Those include whether a president can be forced to answer questions from prosecutors, whether it's possible for a commander in chief to criminally interfere in investigations and whether a president's broad pardon power can be deployed for corrupt purposes.