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Hours after President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met for the first time, former National Basketball Association star Dennis Rodman seemed to cast himself as a man whose efforts to "bring peace between the two countries" was finally starting to pay off.

The former athlete went on to say that Un is "more like a big kid - even though he's small - who loves to have a good time".

The Hill has reached out to the White House for comment. "I didn't know anything about North Korea".

He also has a history with Trump as Rodman appeared on his Celebrity Apprentice reality television show in 2009.

White House officials have said Rodman will play no official role in the diplomatic negotiations.

Apart from praising Donald Trump, the retired National Basketball Association legend took a jab at former president Barack Obama, who did not give him "the time of the day". "I don't know anything about that", he said.

"I said to everybody, the door will open", said Rodman.

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Rodman got emotional, saying that it was an "amazing" thing that happened while trying to hold back the tears.

Dennis began weeping when he confessed that he received death threats for meeting with Kim in North Korea.

"If Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump understand and have a smooth comfortable relationship, smile, laugh, joke".

I talked to Kim Jong Un and the administration over there five years ago, and he asked me when we sat down for lunch, 'Hey Dennis, I would like to ask you three things to go back and tell the president of the United States these three things and I would be willing to talk to him'. I couldn't even go home, for thirty days. Wearing sunglasses and a red "Make America Great Again" cap, the former Chicago Bulls star, who has visited North Korea in the past, talked up his own relationship with Kim and remarked on how he was rebuffed in his role as an unofficial intermediary between the USA and the rogue state. "I've never seen that side of North Korea".

Rodman said he doesn't want to take any credit; he is just "thankful" to be where he is. His Singapore trip was bankrolled by Cryptocurrency PotCoin, in exchange for wearing its T-shirts in on-camera appearances. "I look at him as more like a person that really wants to try to blend in with the world", he told host Michael Strahan. I couldn't go home. "That's it, sports. I'm just so happy to be here, man".

"He called, his secretary and she called me and said, 'Dennis, Donald Trump is so proud of you, and he thanks you a lot, '" Rodman said, apparently referring to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

An emotionally distraught Rodman told Cuomo that he suffered incredible abuse after returning to the U.S.

"Just meeting the regime, Kim Jon Un, and the whole marshals and everybody", Rodman continued on why he was invested in North Korea.