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"Battlefield V" is coming out October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Oskar Gabrielson, general manager of game developer DICE, had to address the backlash against Battlefield V over the inclusion of female soldiers when the sequel was first revealed.

So Battlefield's take on battle royale has a lot of promise if it is executed properly, and the team at DICE have made clear that these unique aspects of Battlefield will all be present in the BR mode. To kick off the annual presentation, EA showed gamers a new trailer for Battlefield V, which will bring players back into the trenches of World War II.

Which one should you look to play instead?

Today's press conference also reiterated the message of "no loot boxes, no premium passes" for the upcoming first person shooter.

EA/DICE also published an official multiplayer trailer, and you can check out more information regarding it over at the official Battlefield 5 site. Players will have the ability to dive and smash through windows and move around heavy turrets from their fixed position. Players will be able to build various types of military assets thanks to Fortifications: foxholes, sandbags, barbed wire, tank stoppers, and more, and they can reinforce buildings that have been destroyed. Keep it locked to VGR and we'll let you know more about what we think as additional details leak out.