KXIP vs KKR Live Score

It'll be available to download directly after Apple's WWDC keynote from the face gallery on the iPhone's Watch companion app.

While Apple has official unveiled watchOS 5, it's only available via developer beta.

The Siri watch face introduced previous year is gaining live sports scores, commute time, and heart rate tracking. The move has, of course, been on the cards, though, with the more recent Apple Watches all carrying more beefy internals which is clearly something watchOS 5 requires in order to make its new features possible.

Watch faces are an area of intense interest for Apple Watch owners, because these faces are among the few ways people can personalize their watches. Apple Podcasts Users can now listen to their favorite podcasts on the go with Apple Podcasts on Apple Watch and stream any podcast in the catalog by using Siri. The Siri face has also received the ability to show actionable content from third-party apps, such as Nike+ Run Club, Glow Baby, and Mobike.

Even if you don't appreciate a friendly contest from time to time, you can still benefit from some new activity tracking types and improved measurements in the familiar categories.

The new Apple Watch interface is all about catering to active watch-wearers.

On the connected side of the watch, Lynch introduced a new Walkie Talkie app that let's you talk to others on their watch through WiFi or cellular data - kind of like a real walkie-talkie but on a connected wearable device on your wrist. WatchOS 5 can handle many of those natively, thanks to Web Kit integration. Outdoor running can now track your rolling mile pace, and will alert you if you're falling behind your desired pace.

watchOS 5 primarily aims to consolidate, expand and enrich the health and fitness capabilities of the Apple Watch while also making a point of bringing users closer together.

Apple jumped into the smartwatch market in early 2015 with the release of the Apple Watch.

Will this push you to upgrade to a new Apple Watch?

But that's not all, because you'll be able to add student ID cards to your Apple Watch, and you'll be able to use it anywhere you can use your card. The watch face is simple, showcasing the pride rainbow with the time.